Radiofrequency in Cosmetic Dermatology (Aesthetic Dermatology Band 2)

Radiofrequency in Cosmetic Dermatology (Aesthetic Dermatology Band 2)

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  • Titel:Radiofrequency in Cosmetic Dermatology (Aesthetic Dermatology Band 2)
  • Dateiname: radiofrequency-in-cosmetic-dermatology-aesthetic-dermatology-band-2.pdf
  • ISBN: 1032403318023167
  • Datum des Hochladens: 2020-01-15
  • Anzahl der Seiten: 468 Seiten
  • Autor: Lapidoth/Halachmi/Goldberg
  • Verlag: Lapidoth/Halachmi/Goldberg


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Radiofrequency (RF) has been used in many areas of medicine for some time but only gained popularity in aesthetics in the early 2000s. Although initial procedures provided variable results the field of RF has grown dramatically. Currently a multitude of devices which offer an array of technologies each geared to specific applications are on the market. In this book a comprehensive discussion of the evolving area of RF is provided and the current and cutting-edge technologies which span from noninvasive treatments of facial wrinkles to invasive body contouring procedures are discussed in detail. The methodologies covered include thermal and ablative modalities volumetric and fractional approaches as well as practical aspects of application in clinical practice. Included are also pearls on patient management and prevention and treatment of complications. Finally RF-based procedures are compared with equivalent laser and surgical approaches in a risk-benefit evaluation. Reviewing the standard of care for RF-based treatments and providing information relevant for clinical decision-making and practice management this publication is a valuable tool for dermatologists plastic surgeons and all practitioners who use or are contemplating the introduction of RF into practice.

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