TSRA Decision Algorithms in Cardiothoracic Surgery (English Edition)

TSRA Decision Algorithms in Cardiothoracic Surgery (English Edition)

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  • Titel:TSRA Decision Algorithms in Cardiothoracic Surgery (English Edition)
  • Dateiname: tsra-decision-algorithms-in-cardiothoracic-surgery-english-edition.pdf
  • ISBN: 104179B07TWKCSVG
  • Datum des Hochladens: 2020-01-15
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  • Autor: Clauden Louis/Panos Vardas
  • Verlag: Clauden Louis/Panos Vardas


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This text is presented to all cardiothoracic surgery residents present and future. This unique application developed by residents and national faculty is a 100-chapter compendium with an individual algorithm on various topics to provide a foundation and framework of important cardiothoracic surgery topics with clinical decisions. As the field of cardiothoracic surgery continues to evolve attention to key clinical decisions is necessary prior to incorporating indicated interventions. Very few textbooks focus on the decision algorithms in the diagnosis and management of clinical cardiothoracic pathologies.The Thoracic Surgery Residents Association (TSRA) have a clear and sustained commitment to education. The previous textbooks created under the auspices of this organization are among the most affordable and practical manuscripts in our field. It is our hope to provide this addition to the growing TSRA library under the same tradition.Although the field is ever changing many of the basic principles remain the same. We capture these basic frameworks and provide this text for those taking care of cardiothoracic patients. Adult Cardiac Surgery1. Cardiopulmonary BypassA. Troubleshooting CBP problemsB. Difficulty weaning off bypass2. Coronary DiseaseA. CABG evaluationB. Management of STEMIC. Cardiogenic shock 5 days post STEMID. Ascending atheroma in CABGE. Management Carotid/CABGF. Intraoperative decision-making for OPCAB3. Aortic ValveA. ASB. TAVRC. ARD. Small aortic rootE. Non-cardiac surgery and aortic valve endocarditis4. Mitral/TricuspidA. TRB. MR1. Reconstruction2. IndicationsC. MS5. AortaA. Type A dissectionB. Type B dissectionC. Ascending aortic aneurysmD. Aortic root aneurysmsE. DTAA6. Heart failureA. ECMOB. LVADC. RVADD. Pump thrombosisE. OHT7. MiscellaneousA. HOCMB. Cardiac tumorsC. Approach to sternal wound infectionsD. Penetrating chest traumaE. Blunt chest traumaF. EndocarditisG. Pericardial diseaseGeneral Thoracic Surgery1. TracheaA. Tracheal traumaB. Tracheal tumorsC. Tracheal stenosis2. LungsA. Pulmonary NodulesB. Pleural EffusionC. Pulmonary carcinoidD. SCLCE. Early NSCLCF. Local Advanced Lung CancerG. Stage IV non-small cellH. Physiologic readiness for thoracic surgeryI. Superior sulcus tumorsJ. Mediastinal staging in lung cancerK. Pulmonary metastastectomyL. Postop Surveillance for lung cancerM. Pulmonary TBN. ILDO. LVRSP. Evaluation and approach to lung transplantQ. Approach to lung abscess/empyemaR. Spontaneous PTXS. BPFT. ChylothoraxU. Mesothelioma3. EsophagusA. Esophageal caustic injuryB. Esophageal perforationC. TEFD. LeiomyomaE. Approach to esophageal cancersF. Esophageal conduitsG. Resectability of esophageal cancerH. Postoperative esophageal leakI. GERDJ. Esophageal motility disordersK. Barrett's esophagusL. Paraesophageal hernia4. MediastinumA. PneumomediastinumB. Diaphragmatic injuryC. Thymoma/MG/mediastinal mass5. OtherA. TOSB. Chest wall tumorsCongenital Heart Surgery1. PDA2. ASD3. APW4. Cor triatriatum5. VSD6. Coarctation 7. TOF w/ PS8. TGA9. PA w/ VSD w/ Multiple AP Collaterals10. PA with IVS11. Ebstein’s Anomaly12. LVOTO13. Coronary anomalies14. HLHS15. Vascular rings/PA slings16. Pediatric Heart Failure/Transplant17. IAA w/ VSD18. Single Ventricle Pathway/Fontan19. Truncus Arteriosus20. Complete Atrioventricular Canal21. DORV22. Congenital PV Anomalies23. Congenital MS

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