The Narrow Corridor: States Societies and the Fate of Liberty

The Narrow Corridor: States Societies and the Fate of Liberty

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  • Titel:The Narrow Corridor: States Societies and the Fate of Liberty
  • Dateiname: the-narrow-corridor-states-societies-and-the-fate-of-liberty.pdf
  • ISBN: 115129735224382
  • Datum des Hochladens: 2020-01-15
  • Anzahl der Seiten: 668 Seiten
  • Autor: Daron Acemoglu/James A. Robinson
  • Verlag: Daron Acemoglu/James A. Robinson


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Pressestimmen One of the Financial Times' Best Books of 2019One of Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2019“What explains the rise and fall of democracy and dictatorship? . . . [Acemoglu and Robinson] offer a provocative framework for analyzing our current moment of democratic crisis. . . . A powerful starting point for understanding the many perils facing aspirations for democracy and liberty today. . . helpfully recalibrates our American tendency to collapse debates over freedom into a binary clash between the narrow liberty of ‘free markets’ on the one hand and the economic and political freedoms provided by social-democratic ‘big government’ on the other.” –The Washington Post“Crucially and rightly the book does not see freedom as merely the absence of state oppression . . . This book is more original and exciting than its predecessor. It has gone beyond the focus on institutions to one on how a state really works.” –Martin Wolf Financial Times“A work of staggering ambition—aiming to explain why liberty has or has not existed at every moment in time in every geography in the world… It is chock full of delightful detours and brilliant nuggets... Smart and timely.” —Newsweek “A well-written and argued treatise. . . . indispensable reading.” —Library Journal (starred review)“Provocative and intuitively correct. An endlessly rewarding book.” —Kirkus (starred review)   “The Narrow Corridor takes us on a fascinating journey across continents and through human history to discover the critical ingredient of liberty. In these times there can be no more important search—nor any more important book.” —George Akerlof Nobel laureate in economics 2001   “Liberty does not come easily. Many populations suffer from ineffective governments and are stuck in a cage of norms and traditions. Others are subdued by a despotic Leviathan. In this highly original and gratifying fresco Daron Acemoglu and Jim Robinson take us on a journey through civilizations across time and space. A remarkable achievement that only they could pull off and that seems destined to repeat the stellar performance of Why Nations Fail.” —Jean Tirole Toulouse School of Economics Nobel laureate in economics 2014   “With gripping examples of civilizations that thrived or failed Acemoglu and Robinson provide an exhilarating analysis of the critical balance needed between state and society. The Narrow Corridor is destined to be the landmark book that maps the future of freedom for any serious policy maker[JA3] [MC4]  scholar or citizen.” —Erik Brynjolfsson coauthor of The Second Machine Age   “One of the biggest paradoxes of political history is the trend over the last 10000 years away from small tribes and toward the development of the strong centralized states that allow societies of millions to function. But—how can a powerful state be reconciled with liberty for its citizens? This great book provides an answer to this fundamental dilemma. You will find it as enjoyable as it is thought-provoking.” —Jared Diamond professor of geography at UCLA and Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Guns Germs and Steel   “How should we view the current challenges facing our democracies? This brilliant timely book offers a simple powerful framework for assessing alternative forms of social governance. The analysis is a reminder that it takes vigilance to maintain a proper balance between the state and society—to stay in the ‘narrow corridor’—and avoid falling into either statelessness or [JA5] [MC6] dictatorship.” —Bengt Holmstrom Nobel laureate in economics 2016   “Two of the world’s best social scientists have written a magisterial book of immense insight and learning a true tour de force. From its rich historical study of the delicate balance between state and society it draws a chilling conclusion every thinking person should be aware of: Liberty is as rare as it is fragile wedged uneasily between tyranny and anarchy.” —Joel Mokyr author of A Culture of Growth   “Another outstanding insightful book by Acemoglu and Robinson on the importance and difficulty of getting and maintaining a successful democratic state. Packed with examples and analysis it is a pleasure to read.” —Peter Diamond Nobel Laureate in Economics 2010   Praise for Why Nations Fail   “Bracing garrulous wildly ambitious and ultimately hopeful. It may in fact be a bit of a masterpiece.” The Washington Post “Why Nations Fail is a splendid piece of scholarship and a showcase of economic rigor.” —The Wall Street Journal “A brilliant book.” —Bloomberg   “This is an intellectually rich book that develops an important thesis with verve. It should be widely read.” Financial Times “Why Nations Fail is a truly awesome book.” —Steven Levitt coauthor of Freakonomics  Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende Daron Acemoglu is an Institute Professor at MIT. In 2005 he received the John Bates Clark Medal given to economists under age forty judged to have made the most significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge; in 2012 he was awarded the Erwin Plein Nemmers Prize in Economics for work of lasting significance; and in 2016 he received the BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Economics Finance and Management for his lifetime contributions.James A. Robinson a political scientist and economist is one of nine University Professors at the University of Chicago. Focused on Latin America and Africa he is currently conducting research in Bolivia the Democratic Republic of the Congo Sierra Leone Haiti and Colombia where he has taught for many years during the summer at the University of the Andes in Bogotá.

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