EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework (2nd Edition) (Eclipse)

EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework (2nd Edition) (Eclipse)

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  • Titel:EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework (2nd Edition) (Eclipse)
  • Dateiname: emf-eclipse-modeling-framework-2nd-edition-eclipse.pdf
  • ISBN: 134675321331885
  • Datum des Hochladens: 2020-01-15
  • Anzahl der Seiten: 544 Seiten
  • Autor: David Steinberg/Frank Budinsky/Marcelo Paternostro/Ed Merks
  • Verlag: David Steinberg/Frank Budinsky/Marcelo Paternostro/Ed Merks


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Synopsis The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) is a framework and code generation facility that lets you define a model in any of these forms--Java interfaces UML diagram or XML Schema. EMF doesn't require a completely different methodology or any sophisticated modeling tools. All you need to get started with EMF are the Eclipse Java Development Tools. EMF relates modeling concepts directly to their implementations thereby bringing to Eclipse-and Java developers in general-the benefits of modeling with a low cost of entry. Unlike most tools of this type EMF is truly integrated with and tuned for efficient programming. It answers the often-asked question 'Should I model or should I program?' with a resounding 'Both.' This book written by the lead architects of EMF provides both an introduction and tutorial to how to leverage and work with this powerful framework. In addition to the new coverage this book provides: * A basic overview of the most important concepts in EMF and modeling. * Analysis of the most important framework classes and generator patterns including insightful discussions of various design alternatives.*Examples of many common framework customizations and programming techniques. Buchrückseite EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework Dave Steinberg Frank Budinsky Marcelo Paternostro Ed Merks Series Editors: Erich Gamma - Lee Nackman - John Wiegand The Authoritative Guide to EMF Modeling and Code Generation The Eclipse Modeling Framework enables developers to rapidly construct robust applications based on surprisingly simple models. Now in this thoroughly revised Second Edition the project's developers offer expert guidance insight and examples for solving real-world problems with EMF accelerating development processes and improving software quality. This edition contains more than 40% new material plus updates throughout to make it even more useful and practical. The authors illuminate the key concepts and techniques of EMF modeling analyze EMF's most important framework classes and generator patterns guide you through choosing optimal designs and introduce powerful framework customizations and programming techniques. Coverage includes - Defining models with Java UML XML Schema and Ecore - NEW: Using extended Ecore modeling to fully unify XML with UML and Java - Generating high-quality code to implement models and editors - Understanding and customizing generated code - Complete documentation of @model Javadoc tags generator model properties and resource save and load options - NEW: Leveraging the latest EMF features including extended metadata feature maps EStore cross-reference adapters copiers and content types - NEW: Chapters on change recording validation and utilizing EMF in stand-alone and Eclipse RCP applications - NEW: Modeling generics with Ecore and generating Java 5 code About the Authors Dave Steinberg is a software developer in IBM Software Group. He has worked with Eclipse and modeling technologies since joining the company and has been a committer on the EMF project since its debut in 2002. Frank Budinsky a senior architect in IBM Software Group is an original coinventor of EMF and a founding member of the EMF project at Eclipse. He is currently cochair of the Service Data Objects (SDO) specification technical committee at OASIS and lead SDO architect for IBM. Marcelo Paternostro is a software architect and engineer in IBM Software Group. He is an EMF committer and has been an active contributor to several other Eclipse projects. Before joining IBM Marcelo managed designed and implemented numerous projects using Rational's tools and processes. Ed Merks is the project lead of EMF and a colead of the top-level Modeling project at Eclipse. He holds a Ph.D. in Computing Science and has many years of in-depth experience in the design and implementation of languages frameworks and application development environments. Ed works as a software consultant in partnership with itemis AG. Alle Produktbeschreibungen

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