Gunsmithing Modern Firearms: A Gun Guy's Guide to Making Good Guns Even Better

Gunsmithing Modern Firearms: A Gun Guy's Guide to Making Good Guns Even Better

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  • Titel:Gunsmithing Modern Firearms: A Gun Guy's Guide to Making Good Guns Even Better
  • Dateiname: gunsmithing-modern-firearms-a-gun-guy-s-guide-to-making-good-guns-even-better.pdf
  • ISBN: 20929151071880X
  • Datum des Hochladens: 2020-01-15
  • Anzahl der Seiten: 535 Seiten
  • Autor: Bryce M. Towsley
  • Verlag: Bryce M. Towsley


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Pressestimmen “Bryce Towsley is an icon in the industry and one of the most knowledgeable gun people of modern times. You will really enjoy reading his new book Gunsmithing Modern Firearms not only for the valuable information and his great stories but for the sense of personal connection he makes with gunsmithing.” —Pete Brownell   “This book is a treasure trove of information and has something for every gun enthusiast from the raw novice to the grizzled shooter who picks lottery ticket numbers based on his favorite ballistic coefficients.” —Roy Hill public relations Brownells. 'Bryce has a number of unusual qualifications for a book like this: He loathes dull how-to writing. He is distinctly modern in his methods and what interests him. . . . The whole book is a hoot. Read it and you can kiss whatever discretionary income you have good-bye.' —David E. Petzal Field & Stream   “When we’re looking for an expert to write an article on gun modifications for the 675000 NRA members who get Shooting Illustrated each month there’s one scribe we turn to: Bryce M. Towsley. This book is further evidence that Towsley is the go-to man for clear concise and entertaining instructions for anyone looking to work on their firearms at home.” —Ed Friedman editor-in-chief Shooting Illustrated   “Bryce Towsley’s knowledge of the historical development of small arms for American shooters and hunters is exhaustive. When I have a question about what makes a cartridge or a rifle tick I know I can rely on him to provide an authoritative answer. When I need a thorough feature story on cartridge development reloading gunsmithing or shooting I know he can deliver the goods.” —J. Scott Olmsted editor-in-chief American Hunter “Bryce Towsley has forgotten more about guns and gunsmithing than most people could hope to learn in a lifetime. Through his writing he is keeping the art of gunsmithing alive sharing knowledge not often shared willingly and leaving a guide for the generations to come.” —Jim Majoros owner Viktor’s Legacy Custom Gunsmithing   “The new go-to DIY reference for the novice or a seasoned gun nut! Informative precise—let’s cut some threads. Well done!” —Mark Bansner Bansner & Co. LLC Riflemakers 'Bryce is mechanically sound—and another thing Bryce can do is write. . . . He brings gun crankery into the modern era. . . . a good read even if you never intend to rebarrel a rifle refinish a pistol or actually go through the trauma of cleaning all the crap out of a shotgun barrel.' —Rich Grassi Outdoor Wire 'A great gift for a hunter or shooter in your family.' —Jeff Davis Whitetails Unlimited 'A book that would be useful on any workbench. . . . I highly recommend it.' —Jeff Quinn Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende Bryce M. Towsley is an award-winning writer and photographer whose work covers a wide variety of subjects but he mostly specializes in the fields of hunting and firearms. He has published six books on guns gunsmithing and hunting. Towsley is a field editor for the NRA’s American Rifleman American Hunter and Shooting Illustrated magazines. He is also a columnist for Gun Digest. Towsley appears regularly on American Rifleman Television.

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