Kitab ut-Tawheed: The Basis of Islam and the Reality of Monotheism

Kitab ut-Tawheed: The Basis of Islam and the Reality of Monotheism

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  • Titel:Kitab ut-Tawheed: The Basis of Islam and the Reality of Monotheism
  • Dateiname: kitab-ut-tawheed-the-basis-of-islam-and-the-reality-of-monotheism.pdf
  • ISBN: 2256221986123596
  • Datum des Hochladens: 2020-01-15
  • Anzahl der Seiten: 434 Seiten
  • Autor: Muhammad ibn Abdullah al-Mas'ari/Renascence Foundation
  • Verlag: Muhammad ibn Abdullah al-Mas'ari/Renascence Foundation


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Few if any contemporary Islamic works can truly be described as monumental let alone ground-breaking. Kitab ut-Tawheed (the book of monotheism): The Foundations of Islam and the Reality of Monotheism is truly a landmark work occupying a unique place amongst a contemporary landscape often bereft of original scholarship.The series represents an in-depth study into the very root origins of Islam the essential nature of Tawheed (monotheism). Coupled with that it tackles head on not only the age-old problem concerning the precise nature of worship and shirk (polytheism) but how these topics correspond to contemporary issues like ruling governance and allegiance. Liberated from confused ill-disciplined divisions primacy is given to the original sources challenging many of the phantasms which have plagued Islamic thought for far too long. Volume 1 of this series comprises topics relating to the foundations and principle rules of Deen.Muhammad ibn Abdullah al-Mas’ari is Professor Emeritus of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics and author of several pioneering Islamic works.

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