Is Capitalism Obsolete?: A Journey through Alternative Economic Systems

Is Capitalism Obsolete?: A Journey through Alternative Economic Systems

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  • Titel:Is Capitalism Obsolete?: A Journey through Alternative Economic Systems
  • Dateiname: is-capitalism-obsolete-a-journey-through-alternative-economic-systems.pdf
  • ISBN: 248871674495284
  • Datum des Hochladens: 2020-01-15
  • Anzahl der Seiten: 639 Seiten
  • Autor: Giacomo Corneo
  • Verlag: Giacomo Corneo


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Pressestimmen Is Capitalism Obsolete? is an important book containing a sober economically sophisticated analysis of the socialist alternatives to advanced capitalism. Timely smart and written in a popular vein Corneo's work will attract an audience as wide as the questions it seeks to answer.--John Roemer Yale UniversityA fascinating portrait of our economic system--and possible alternatives. Corneo['s] is not an angry critique of capitalism... Nevertheless [he] says quite soberly that something is wrong in our system... Are there other better ways? ...Could other systems produce enough resources to create general prosperity? ...Such questions are asked by the economist in a refreshingly undogmatic way.--Joseph Gepp 'Falter Magazine [Vienna Austria] 'Corneo takes seriously the many criticisms of capitalism as it is practiced today but insists that detractors must confront the question of which alternative systems could realistically meet contemporary society's economic needs. In this sweeping and informative discussion of the role of economy in society he explores alternative systems both hypothetical and real and finds them all inferior to capitalism. The book then addresses how the modern welfare state has tempered capitalism's worst features but has eroded since the late twentieth century--a development that is responsible for much of today's public disillusionment with the free-market system. Corneo considers how the welfare state might be revived under current conditions which would require new incentives for politicians and civil servants to construct a sturdier safety net.-- (03/01/2018)Corneo takes us on a tour of a variety of alternative economic systems from Plato's Republic and More's Utopia through anarchy central planning worker management market socialism shareholder socialism and guaranteed basic income to the market economy balanced by the welfare state. In each case he explains the principles of the system then considers how it would work in practice. More often than not what appears on the surface to be an improvement over capitalism turns out to have fatal flaws when market and private property are removed from the equation...Both rigorous and entertaining.-- (04/01/2018)An engaging volume that is well-balanced often thought-provoking and always accessible. More importantly Corneo's effort breathes new life into a conversation that is vital to the well-functioning of our democracy and to the sustainability of our economic system.-- (02/27/2018) Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende Giacomo Corneo is Professor of Social Policy and Public Finance at the Free University of Berlin.

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