DS Performance - Strength & Conditioning Training Program for Lacrosse Speed Intermediate (English Edition)

DS Performance - Strength & Conditioning Training Program for Lacrosse Speed Intermediate (English Edition)

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  • Titel:DS Performance - Strength & Conditioning Training Program for Lacrosse Speed Intermediate (English Edition)
  • Dateiname: ds-performance-strength-conditioning-training-program-for-lacrosse-speed-intermediate-english-edition.pdf
  • ISBN: 253942B074S4PPM5
  • Datum des Hochladens: 2020-01-15
  • Anzahl der Seiten: 447 Seiten
  • Autor: D F J Smith
  • Verlag: D F J Smith


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DS Performance Strength & Conditioning Training ProgrammesSport: LacrosseVariable: SpeedLevel: IntermediateDuration: 12 weeks DS Performance have created an exclusive series of sport specific strength & conditioning training programmes that have underpinning evidence based training methods which have been put in place to improve your performance for all ages and abilities. All programmes have been designed to develop each specific performance variable through the progression of intensity and volume. Along with your training program this book contains a supporting guide to mobility training. This guide uses myofascial release static stretching and activation work to mobilise the major body parts used in training. It has been put in place to increase your mobility it can also be used to support your warm-ups and cool downs. To aid your training we also included a series of tables to create your lifting percentages. These tables will help you work out your working percentages from 40%-95%. The tables are broken down into 5% loads all in kilograms ranging from 10kg-300kgAll programmes by DS Performance are 12 weeks in duration we recommend that you do two six week training blocks with a de-loading week between the two training blocks. This will allow the body to recover prepare you for the second training phase and reduce any risk of injury. To play Lacrosse successfully you need physical qualities such as strength endurance agility flexibility and speed. The power a player needs to perform and stay injury free from all the big collisions is immense. The stop-start nature of the sport and with only brief rests on the bench shows why players have to spend so much time focusing in on their conditioning. This is why our programmes have been designed to develop the key physical attributes for Lacrosse.Covering the essential physical aspects to Lacrosse is just as important as putting the time in on the pitch. Choose your current training level Amateur Intermediate and Advanced for the variable you would like to train and progress your way up to "Advanced" to really improve your performance.The three levels Amateur Intermediate and Advanced represents more your current training age experience and skill level. Because weight training and other training methods have a completely different set of skills required when lifting and training correctly compared to your sport. DS Performance training programmes are written to run alongside a skill/sport specific based training plan. DS Performance programmes provide sessions for 3 days of training a week to alternate between your skill/sport specific training sessions. DS Performance has selected five of the most important physical performance variables/attributes for each of the sports that are essential in developing your performance. DS Performance strength & conditioning training programmes have been written for 20 of the most popular sports globally the sports selected have a wide range of physical attributes and together we have targeted the primary performance variables to develop them for increases in your personal performance.DS Performance has been developed to bring elite training methods to everyone from all levels of sporting ability. The mission of DS Performance is to make training programmes utilised by professional athletes available to all sporting enthusiasts and performers. DS Performance are providing you with training programmes designed by ex-Team GB athletes and coaching staff that have the practical and applied experience through a wide range of individual and team based sports.Combined with the vast experience an International athlete has on training and peak performance who also are qualified to a minimum of Post Graduate level in the form of Masters Degrees in Sport Science Strength & Conditioning.

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