Artificial Intelligence Networking: Learning AI Explained For Dummies: Deep Learning Machine Learning and Big Data (English Edition)

Artificial Intelligence Networking: Learning AI Explained For Dummies: Deep Learning Machine Learning and Big Data (English Edition)

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  • Titel:Artificial Intelligence Networking: Learning AI Explained For Dummies: Deep Learning Machine Learning and Big Data (English Edition)
  • Dateiname: artificial-intelligence-networking-learning-ai-explained-for-dummies-deep-learning-machine-learning-and-big-data-english-edition.pdf
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  • Datum des Hochladens: 2020-01-15
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  • Autor: Laureano Gallardo
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The term Artificial Intelligence represents a set of software logic computer and philosophy disciplines that are intended to make PCs perform functions that were thought to be exclusively human such as perceiving meaning in written language. or spoken learn recognize facial expressions etc. The field of artificial intelligence has a long history behind it with many previous advances such as the recognition of optical characters which are currently considered as something everyday.Artificial intelligence is an attractive concept for many stakeholders in the business scientific and governmental world. From the economic point of view it is very attractive that machines can perform tasks for which human intervention was usually required. An effective artificial intelligence solution can "think" faster and process more information than any human brain. Artificial intelligence also has the potential to extend human capabilities to places where people have difficulty reaching for example outer space or remote locations on Earth where human skills such as medical knowledge might prove useful.We could define AI as a technological discipline that aims to design and build machines and programs capable of performing complex tasks with expertise equal to or greater than that of a human being. Bearing in mind that those tasks that seem simpler for example speaking seeing listening are precisely the most complex tasks to perform.The computer is a powerful tool because of its ability to represent any discrete system of physical symbols. But the ultimate goal is not for this "science" the computer or its programs but the study of intelligent behavior and in particular human behavior.This is the reason why the AI links with so many other sciences. Thus in the study of human behavior natural sciences such as neurophysiology and human sciences such as psychology intervene; in the study of learning processes pedagogy; in other important aspects such as the recognition of natural language linguistics; and in the practical realization of the models the computer science and in all its surroundings.CONTENTS:INTRODUCTION TO AIHISTORICAL EVOLUTION Prehistory of the AI The birth of the AI The difficult years Current developmentPREMISES 1. Just think about big projects 2. Artificial intelligence is only for technological empires 3. Believe that it is a purposeWHAT IS MACHINE LEARNING?WHAT IS DEEP LEARNING?WHO IS DEVELOPING THIS TECHNOLOGY WORLDWIDE?WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT?HOW COULD AI AFFECT THE ECONOMY?WHICH SECTORS WORLDWIDE ARE LEADERS IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THIS TYPE OF TECHNOLOGY?ADVANTAGES OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEDISADVANTAGES OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEWHICH COMPANIES ARE LEADERS IN AI?AI AND BIG DATAIS AI DANGEROUS?AI AND MEDICINESUMMARY AI

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